1. Nature Walk

From the recording Nature Walk

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Come with me, my darling                                                                                           

Walk with me awhile                                                                                                      

I want to show you the beauty                                                                                 

And the joy of the wild

Whenever you’re feeling alone, 

Worried or full of strife, 

Remember the lessons 

Nature brings to life 


There’s no lack of purpose in the song of the birds 

Snowflakes don’t struggle to find the right words 

You won’t find betrayal in the breeze in the trees

There’s no selfishness in the sound of the seas 

Fragrance of the forest 

Stars shining bright 

Red and orange embers 

Of a campfire light 

The wolf and the eagle, 

The fish and the bear, 

All have their place.

Water, earth and air. 

repeat Chorus


Flowers don’t hide the beauty of their blooms 

There’s no disappointment in the fullness of the moon