Joan Hammel 


Chicago Tribune

"someone to listen of the best shows."


The News Sun

"a successful music career...versatile...worked with big names."


Daily Herald

One of the Best Bets of the weekend of a show to see!


Lake County and its Arts

"she conversed easily with artists, politicians, health professionals, County Fair participants and listeners."


Chicago Reader

On the film, Last Day in Chicago: "A critics choice: skilled cast including Joan..."



"a wealth of talent..."


Northlake's Notebook

"What can we say? You'll be talking about the great show you saw!"

The Salt Lake Tribune

"This joint is jumping!"

James Brown

                                    Joan's got the juice!

Best of the Best - Library Administrators Conference of Northern Illinois
Thanks to your oustanding performance, Joan has been selected for inclusion in the Best of the Best guide
Your career accomplishments are amongst the best I've read in a Bio over the years.  It was such a joy to learn about you and hear your music!  I don't give out 4's and 5's easily, so those you see, you've earned.  Well done!
  Joan Hammel's latest album, 'JOANLAND' is such a musical and spiritual joy - which is really the least one could say about a recording by a singer/performer of such raw inner-strength, style, and beauty.  Joan Hammel knows how to treat a song - which is to simply phrase it wrapped in her velvet, subtle touch - and occasionally let the listener glimpse the deep romanticism she believes in - but tries hard to hide.  Often when hearing her sing one feels she is telling the tale of the song just to you alone, which is a gift only the most sincere artist ever has the ability to deliver.  The range of songs, and writing also convey a mature sophistication, but also retains the feeling of a very young, shy spirit underneath.  I have long enjoyed the performances of Joan Hammel - indeed I'm a big fan, and in clsoing all I can say is if you visit 'JOANLAND' you will be too!  THANK YOU FOR CREATING SUCH A WONDEFUL ALBUM JOAN!

Home of Independent Music Artists

Joan Hammel is terrific!! This should be on a movie  soundtrack!!!!!!!

City of Mundelein  
  Joan was the hit of the concert series.  Everyone talked about the performance.  She was very kind to the audience, kids etc and of course the wonderful voice.
  One of the nicest things happened to me today as I revisited Grayslake again on Market Day. As I was walking down Center Street, I recognized a student from long ago ( the 1980's). Joan Hammel was at Market Day in Grayslake to promote her newest CD that is called "joanland". Naturally, I stopped to chat with her and purchased a CD. She was so kind and signed it for me with the notation that said, "To smart, cool Dee" then a heart and her name JOAN. Ironically, she told me that just a few weeks ago, she had been discussing me and my fellow teacher Mrs. Monroe with fellow classmates at the class reunion! Joan looks as beautiful as ever and is as down-to-earth as she always was.

After reading the information about her CD and listening to it many times, I was so thrilled that I met up with this remarkable woman by chance on the streets of Grayslake. Her CD has original compositions that explore "the ups and downs of how people come together, blossom or wither". This album (CD) has it all...all the experiences we all share. It explores how we feel about love; it examines our sorrows and disappointments; however, it also rejoices our hopes and our positive determination to survive. Joan says that she wrote 7 songs with "my musical soulmate, Marty Bartels. I notice that she wrote two of the songs by herself: "Boardwalk Angel" and "I Saw You Today" A great song, "He Asked Me to Dance" was written by Eric Smythe (grandson of the inventor of the jukebox) My Favorites: "Run Like the Wind" "Paris" "All Along" "Give It to Me Straight" "He Asks Me To Dance" Check out her web at I smiled to myself when I read that Joan dedicated this CD to the memory of her parents "who had all kinds of music in our home and encouraged me to play"...So like was always important. This young talent has done a great deal in her young life, performing all over, including Chicago and Las Vegas. I vividly remember all her musical performances at Warren Township High School where I first met and admired her as a talent and as a wonderful student. She's changed so little since then...she remains warm, friendly, kind, humble, and very talented.
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  The thanks goes to your and your band.  The crowd loved it! 

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Joan Hammel